Subhadip Mitra

I have been working as an architect and software engineer for over 12 years, engaging with clients around the world (ranging from Fortune 500s to contending startups) helping them challenge the status-quo and realizing their Data and AI transformations.

I frequently immerse with Business and Technical teams planning, designing, leading, developing and delivering solutions. I am an entrepreneur at heart. Independent research and new evolving technologies keep me motivated.

What I Do

Solution Design

I take a design thinking approach towards building solutions for specific business challenges and latent opportunities. I pool in experiences from my previous projects to map business requirements to functional outlines and technical architecture; as well as provide clarity to engineering teams on the 'what-how-when' for an efficient and effective solution.

Software Development

I conceive, design and program large scale, service-oriented, distributed applications. I specialize in building real time data intensive apps, implementing state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms in production for massive online analysis. I practice DevOps and SRE principles; and favor everything Open Source (tools and the community)


I work with clients to achieve technology led business transformation across Data, Analytics, AI/ML, Cloud, Digital, Blockchain and Software Engineering. With 12 yrs of industry knowledge spanning banking, telecom, technology and government sectors - I help organizations innovate, accelerate growth, manage risk better, reduce cost and achieve competitive strategic differentiation.


My research studies are either independent, academic or linked to influencing product development in the organizations that I engage with. My interests stretch across Algorithms, Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing, Machine Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Data Management and Quantum Computing.

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