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Welcome to my binary odysseys! I’m Subhadip Mitra, your guide through the exhilarating world of Data, AI, and Cloud technologies. For the past fourteen years, I’ve partnered with titans and trailblazers alike, weaving magic into the fabric of their businesses and tech landscape.

Off the clock, I’m a constellation chaser, asphalt surfer, startup dreamweaver, and meme connoisseur. You might find me laughing uproariously at Family Guy, lost in the endless scroll of 9gag, or meandering through the midnight cityscape with my trusty canine companion, Astro. My entrepreneurial tech tale began with a humble website,, and evolved into a passion for open-source projects.

what I do

Software Engineering:
I design and build internet-scale, service-oriented, distributed applications, specializing in low-latency RT data processing and ML engineering.

Technology Consulting:
Leveraging my experience in sectors like banking, telecom, technology and public services, I assist organizations in innovating, managing risks, reducing costs, and securing competitive strategic differentiation.

Research Interests:
I’m perpetually curious, exploring - Algorithms, Distributed Systems, and Parallel Computing. My fascination extends to Machine Intelligence, the enigmatic realms of Large Language Models, and the pioneering frontiers of Quantum Computing.

Embark on this adventure with me as I unveil the arcane, explore the unknown, and share tales from the tech frontier. Expect a blend of insight, imagination, and a dash of whimsy—right here, where technology meets creativity.

latest posts

selected publications

  1. data-mon.jpg
    Data Monetization Strategy for Enterprises
    Subhadip Mitra
  2. location-proof.jpg
    Open Location Proof (OLP)
    Subhadip Mitra
    More Information can be found here , 2021
  3. oconsent.jpg
    OConsent: Open Consent Protocol for Privacy and Consent Management with Blockchain
    Subhadip Mitra
    More Information can be found here , 2021